An Architecture for

Semantically Interoperable

Federated Data Ecosystems

Biomimetic Technology Topologies

Mycelial networks of autonomous nodes

Federated personal data ecosystems
spoken into being through natural language
captured and correlated
in an underlying semantic graph

Content Addressable Everything

Every content node can be hashed
to create a unique (in practice) content address

              hash("Hello World")
              => '0a4d55a8d778e5022fab701977c5d840bbc486d0'
              => '6f6f0f90eb091e94b54b0b990095a563d20356a9'

Content Addressable Everything

Every edge, graph, or tree can similarly be hashed

              edge = {
                subject: hash('John Perry Barlow'),
                predicate: hash('published'),
                object: hash('A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace')

              => {
              =>     "subject": "9d01184842baab110937a32c54451bc78842631a",
              =>     "predicate": "c2807535f28e44fe6c7375dcf90518115529a8fa",
              =>     "object": "6eb0c9eb6c84f51a19572d3825ff232d945fb9ab"
              => }

              edge_json = minified_json_sorted_by_key(edge)
              => '{"object":"6eb0c9eb6c84f51a19572d3825ff232d945fb9ab","predicate":"c2807535f28e44fe6c7375dcf90518115529a8fa","subject":"9d01184842baab110937a32c54451bc78842631a"}'

              edge_hash = hash(edge_json)
              => '7bc11bebc4275fb45d93a6e6d65cbf6e8b7d3258'

Block Chains

Cryptographically verifiable history
providing permanent tamper-proof
attribution of human creativity

Global Scale Collaboration

Each project is an idea seed
giving birth to trees of remixes
spreading through communities and trust networks


Federated Semantic Graph

Federations tend toward shared language,
creating richly connected graphs
within groupings at all scales

Semantic storage enables a personal data ecosystem
transcending the traditional barriers between applications
and wholly controlled by the individual